Reporting from la Capital: Buenos Aires
Reporting from la Capital: Buenos Aires avatar

Hola a todos,

Tonight, I finally managed to stay awake and live the charm of Buenos Aires while dining at Lo de Jesus in the hip Palermo neighborhood. Argentinean steak is as succulent as expected and the Malbecs are as smooth as silk, so prepare for some culinary delight besides the jet lag in the upcoming days.

Back in 2005, I almost flunked a class at B-school for defending Argentina’s decision to default on its debt. Having breathed Buenos Aires in the last couple of days has imparted me with more pleasant memories.

Besides the exquisite purple jacaranda trees, what I have been pleasantly surprised to witness is the authentic pace of life, what lives and feels like a well established urban infrastructure, and the high rate of older city dwellers enjoying a chat at the cafes and present on the streets which to me signals social inclusion apart from an aging population.

What has also struck me was how visual and relentless the habitants are with vocalizing their messages on the sidewalks and walls that make up this city. I am sharing those I spotted by the Congress building. The very same ones were repeated over and over again on almost every street I walked by in different neighborhoods. It made me wonder to what extent social media is used in Argentina.

And here is something I brought up while dining with Matthias this evening and I want to ask you the same: when was the last time you learned of a new concept from someone?

Once done with school be it undergraduate, graduate or postgraduate, and having assumed leadership positions at existing or self-initiated organizations, there comes a point where nobody is systematically “feeding” you with new ideas and concepts; rather you have to develop the opportunities to continue to learn and be truly stimulated. Therefore when I read the sign “Expectimus Dominus” on the gate of the acclaimed Cementerio de la Recoleta today, I realized I was expecting to meet with all of you to introduce me to new passages in the labyrinth of knowledge and progress.

I am truly thankful to the BMW Foundation for providing us with that opportunity. This gathering promises to be as enlightening as reflected by the intellect, diversity and dynamism of its participants, organizers, and contributors.

See you soon.

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