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Let me introduce to you some interesting folks from the forum. They are exploring sensory experience albeit from very different roots. It’s a subject that is tied to evolutionary psychology and embodied cognition: how do our bodies help us understand things?

Alejandra Lillo and Bryan Flaig are architects and newlyweds working as Undisclosable. Recently they produced an experiential pavilion through the Creators Project, a joint venture of Intel and Vice.

The cathedral-like tent structure features music stems from”Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space”, a looping, harmonious, epic song of longing by 90′s psych-rockers Spirtualized. Light and sound stream from windows high above to create a highly emotional, or some even say spiritual, experience. You can see a video clip from Coachella here: Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space

Christian Köhler is the director of Markenverband (the German Brand Association) and also has connections to SAM Research. SAM (Sensory & Marketing), based in Zurich, develops sensory signatures for auto, pharma and beauty brands by using consumer insights to create distinct smells and textures to build desirable experiences.

Embracing holistic human experiences like these stand out as a necessity to truly engage people. In our discussions about social cohesion we often discuss the inequities of wealth and choice. Discussing inequities of emotional fulfillment and taking time to consider why some solutions resonate more genuinely than others may make this goal even more attainable.

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