Wow ! what a day
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From Shikha Sharma at BMW forum Buenos Aires

Yesterday has been a day full of new experiences and all my senses are getting a generous dose of the Beautiful city of Buenos Aires….
Imagine a day which begins with a showers in the spa and ends with lots of wonderful wine and mesmerizing Tango , (even though being a teetotaler, I am high on the experiences of the day .
Speakers spoke passionately on the collaboration to give the Joy of acquiring a BMW , (even if the collaboration can be as different as exporting agricultural products to get export credits ) to the new image of a snazzy new i Beemer , to the next speaker who spoke about being conscious about ecology and saving the Amazon rainforest ( no forest , no rain , simple !) to empowering underprivileged kids through sports (cool huh …) to investing in social entrepreneurs (investor bankers getting a heart of gold ) it was a quite a morning . The rest of the roundtables were on as different as they get …mine was on democracy and technology , am realizing the power of technology in a new light ……
Today shall be a new day… looking forward and to all who couldn’t make it to the forum , no worries I shall dutifully report. , ah the joys of free press

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