Dialogue in the dark …..
Dialogue in the dark ….. avatar

By Shikha Sharma 

The day started on a promising note by a presentation on Argentina after the elections , Sergio Berensztein President of Poliarquia Consultations was refreshingly candid about the political affairs, ( Argentina definitely has right to free speech ! ) populism in Politics seems to be an age old practice and while the long term cost may not be cheerful , yet it seems to be the practice in Democracies the world over . Few in the audience felt that perhaps looking at the Political aspirations and people’s sentiments , perhaps it was a catch 22 situation . The session had several moments of spontaneous laughter( I guess politics touches a chord everywhere ) 
This was followed by the site visits . the site visits were fun and it was interesting to see how people come up with innovation under limitations both financial or otherwise . What the participants saw was jewelry made from buttons to , empowering youth through art , to call centers which employs people with mobility disabilities ……
My visit began with entering a pitch dark room , ( I couldn’t even see my hand right in front of my face ! ) we were led by a person with visual disability through a track leading us to experience the traffic , a boat ride , a cafeteria , and a sort of a jungle . The experience of our group is as follows – ‘I feel loss of control ‘ , ‘ I don’t fear death anymore ‘ , I am feeling suffocated ‘, I am feeling a sense of respect from the visually challenged . 
The experience helped us to “see ” a lot of things within us 
This experience is available through an exhibition called ” Dialogue in the Dark “ 
Which is showcasing in different countries .

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