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My fellows and I spent today with Chi Nguyen (also a YL) who is on the advisory board for Jane’s Walk. Jane’s Walk is a non-profit organization that honors the late urbanist, Jane Jacobs, and her legacy of considering the human experience in urban planning. Now in its third year after going global, Jane’s Walk helps organize free walking tours guided by passionate locals. The big idea is to connect people with their neighbors, neighborhoods and interests with the hope that this awareness brings transformation to the participants and the community.

As Jane’s Walk is more broadly adopted challenges have emerged: should the program be the same everywhere? How can technology be better utilized to further the mission? How can new revenue streams sustain the organization? We spent the better part of the day discussing the questions from a global perspective and then committed to follow-on work relevant to each participants expertise.

In the spirit of Jane’s Walk, and “on the street” observation, here are a few photos from neighborhoods I visited this week on “Michael’s Walk”. Can you identity them?

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