About us


The BMW Stiftung Herbert Quandt was established on June 22, 1970, on the occasion of the 60th birthday of Herbert Quandt and in recognition of his services to BMW AG.

The BMW Stiftung Herbert Quandt uses its funds primarily to carry out its own programs. The Foundation also enters into operational sponsoring partnerships provided that the partners’ projects contribute to the Foundation’s goals in an outstanding and exemplary manner. We see ourselves not as a scholarly think tank, but as a “transformer station,” which relays scholarly analysis and practical competencies between various sectors and global regions, thus making them useable in new and different contexts.

For this reason, it is particularly important for us to make visible projects that have already been implemented successfully to solve urgent social problems. Given the frequently overwhelming wealth of information, we thus provide practical orientation as well as ideas and inspiration to get involved. By contributing to an open exchange of opinions and knowledge, we also establish stable personal networks that promote international understanding.


We support leaders who in their professional and personal lives take into consideration the greater common good and who are committed to developing a lively society in cooperation with others.

We deal with questions of globalization and thus contribute to an international dialogue on socio-political issues.

We base our work on scholarly expertise and promote interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral approaches.

We provide guidance by making visible successful socio-political commitment and promote the dissemination and development of innovative pilot projects.

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