Innovation in Health care and dancing into the night
By Shikha Sharma
A short bus ride in the morning took us to Universidad Catolica Argentina , the morning air was wonderfully fresh and invigorating …at the University sitting in a huge hall we heard the social collaborative efforts happening in Buenos Aires …..and post that we got an opportunity to play peer consultants to a company trying to bring innovation in the healthcare practice in Buenos Aires ….which was ….the right to dignified and loving death ..
In Buenos Aires the terminally ill and others who have a measured lifespan are taken to the hospital
In last 100 days of their life , where in the cold environment of the hospital room , surrounded by ticking gadgets and unknown faces they spend their last days .. This company is trying to bring the concept of staying home in the last days with the family and yet getting the best of the medical care by visiting Nurses  and Doctors .the Challenges they are facing are immense , firstly they provide this service completely free , so the entire cost of the service is being borne by the entrepreneurs themselves …..the patients love this service , the family is so happy that they offer small donations but the larger concept is still struggling to get the Goverment attention , despite the fact that the it Brings a Huge saving to public funds . Which are in any case at a precarious low ..
Our group had a good mix of Doctors and people in the Medical Industy , so many charts were made and plans were drawn up ……..
For the evening we donned our BMW  white T shirts and were off to watch Polo .
Polo we learnt had originated in India and brought by the British to Argentina . The eveing was spent in jiving away well into the midnight ……..There was a live professional rock band and surprise of the evening was ……well our very own BMW Forum Rock Band , our rock stars from the forum came complete with bandanas , masks and all , and I personally loved the improvised Guitars …..

Dialogue in the dark …..
Dialogue in the dark ….. avatar

By Shikha Sharma 

The day started on a promising note by a presentation on Argentina after the elections , Sergio Berensztein President of Poliarquia Consultations was refreshingly candid about the political affairs, ( Argentina definitely has right to free speech ! ) populism in Politics seems to be an age old practice and while the long term cost may not be cheerful , yet it seems to be the practice in Democracies the world over . Few in the audience felt that perhaps looking at the Political aspirations and people’s sentiments , perhaps it was a catch 22 situation . The session had several moments of spontaneous laughter( I guess politics touches a chord everywhere ) 
This was followed by the site visits . the site visits were fun and it was interesting to see how people come up with innovation under limitations both financial or otherwise . What the participants saw was jewelry made from buttons to , empowering youth through art , to call centers which employs people with mobility disabilities ……
My visit began with entering a pitch dark room , ( I couldn’t even see my hand right in front of my face ! ) we were led by a person with visual disability through a track leading us to experience the traffic , a boat ride , a cafeteria , and a sort of a jungle . The experience of our group is as follows – ‘I feel loss of control ‘ , ‘ I don’t fear death anymore ‘ , I am feeling suffocated ‘, I am feeling a sense of respect from the visually challenged . 
The experience helped us to “see ” a lot of things within us 
This experience is available through an exhibition called ” Dialogue in the Dark “ 
Which is showcasing in different countries .

Wow ! what a day
Wow ! what a day avatar

From Shikha Sharma at BMW forum Buenos Aires

Yesterday has been a day full of new experiences and all my senses are getting a generous dose of the Beautiful city of Buenos Aires….
Imagine a day which begins with a showers in the spa and ends with lots of wonderful wine and mesmerizing Tango , (even though being a teetotaler, I am high on the experiences of the day .
Speakers spoke passionately on the collaboration to give the Joy of acquiring a BMW , (even if the collaboration can be as different as exporting agricultural products to get export credits ) to the new image of a snazzy new i Beemer , to the next speaker who spoke about being conscious about ecology and saving the Amazon rainforest ( no forest , no rain , simple !) to empowering underprivileged kids through sports (cool huh …) to investing in social entrepreneurs (investor bankers getting a heart of gold ) it was a quite a morning . The rest of the roundtables were on as different as they get …mine was on democracy and technology , am realizing the power of technology in a new light ……
Today shall be a new day…..am looking forward and to all who couldn’t make it to the forum , no worries I shall dutifully report. , ah the joys of free press